Earn Crypto for Every Referral | CoinPoker

The CoinPoker Referral Program is LIVE

We’re excited to announce that the CoinPoker Referral Program is live! As of today, you can collect rewards for every referral. No complicated signups or terms, it’s as easy as logging in and using your referral link.

To make sure it’s crystal clear, here’s the complete breakdown.

Start by logging into CoinPoker (or if you don’t have the app yet download it here). If you’re using the desktop client, head over the cashier menu. For mobile users, you’ll find your referral link under the account menu.

Here comes the fun part.

Share the link with friends, fans, YouTube audiences, you name it. As soon as the link is clicked on, your referral will be directed to an account setup page on our website. Note that this is the only way a player can be listed as your referral.

Accounts set up through the app or via any link that isn’t your exact referral link will not count towards your rewards. They also cannot be added retroactively, so make sure you communicate this to your referrals to be able to collect your rewards.

All good things come with conditions, and the CoinPoker Referral Program is no different. The first condition is a minimum number of 2 referrals to get the rewards started.

Once you have two players signed up through your unique referral link, each player needs to earn a minimum of 2 USDT in the form of Community Contributions.

Community Contributions (CC) come in the form of percentages on cash game winnings and MTT buy-ins, returned to the CoinPoker community in the form of promotional activities every month. Learn more about Community Contributions here.

Once both players acquire a minimum of 2 USDT in CC, you will be able to collect 30% of the total amount. That’s at least 0.66 USDT from each player! You will be able to view this under the “My Share” section under the cashier tab. You can also claim your referral rewards while you’re in the cashier tab as shown below:

Remember that this is not a one time reward. In fact, you will be able to collect 30% of the CC of each player as long as they continue playing on CoinPoker.

If you forget at some point, don’t sweat it. Unclaimed rewards will continue to pile up until you decide to cash them out and hit the tables. For more details on how it all works, you can join our community on Telegram or email us at [email protected] Good luck!

  1. To be eligible for referral bonuses the referrer must be an existing CoinPoker player who invites referrals to join and download CoinPoker using the referral link located in the referral section of the app.
  2. Players who come from the same household or IP address will not be considered as "referred players" when it comes to this promotion.
  3. To qualify themselves in this promotion, referrals must be new CoinPoker players without previous accounts under any other name or alias. In case multiple accounts are detected, operator reserves the right to ban all associated accounts and confiscate any balance remaining.
  4. Referrers will only receive rewards from referrals who complete registration on the CoinPoker website through the referrer’s unique link. Otherwise they will not be considered linked to the referrer’s account and cannot be added as referrals retroactively.
  5. A minimum of two referrals who generate at minimum of 2 USDT in form of Community Contributions (CC) each is required to start receiving rewards. The referral’s share, in other words, must reach 2 USDT for each player to qualify for the promotion and be able to collect rewards.
  6. Both referrer and referrals are still able to participate in the Welcome Bonus promotion.
  7. For every “qualified” friend a referrer brings to the CoinPoker tables, 30% of their community contributions are given as a reward.
  8. Once the above conditions are met, the minimum bonus amount to claim per each player is 0.66 USDT. There is no maximum amount. Unclaimed bonuses do not expire and continue to increase until the referrer claims it.
  9. The referrer will continue getting their share for as long as the referred players generate Community Contributions (CC) and as long as the promotion is active.
  10. Presuming the above conditions are met, bonuses will be issued as soon as referrer clicks the “Transfer to balance“ button in the referral section of the app.
  11. CoinPoker reserves the right to change or end this promotion at any time.
  12. CoinPoker reserves the right not to award the above mentioned bonus if it determines, at its sole discretion, that the conditions of this promotion are being abused in any manner.